Hello all

Earlier this year Oracle published a new set of SCORM adapters that do not rely on Java / JRE. Instead they use Javascript APIs and JSPs. Thus when you now come to create a new SCORM adapter within the administration panel in OLM you now have a radio-button option of either using a non-Java adapter or signed java applet adapter.

All well and good, and they seem to work surprisingly well.
However, i have a need to set-up old-skool adapters using the java version. However when i search on MOS all i can find is a link to the SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 adapters for RUP4 (12.1).

Since we are on RUP6 (and moving to RUP7 at christmas) can i assume that the RUP4 versions are fine-and-dandy, or are there newer versions loitering within the bowels of MOS that i cannot locate?

Answers on a postcard smile


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