Need help in understanding some limitations in Oracle benefits.

Instead of using seeded Oracle Grade step progression (GSP) process we use a custom process to update employee salaries. I wrote three justifications below on why I choose to go with a custom solution. Since these justifications are related to benefits, I need your advise by reading these three justifications and confirm if my understanding is correct.

Thanks much.

1. The “Length of Service” field is maintained in an Oracle benefits form and this information is required for the GSP process to calculate the eligibility for progression. All client Benefits are administered by a Third Party vendor for our client. Hence, no setup is in place in our application that is related to Oracle Benefits. We maintain Length of service in a custom SIT field and not in seeded forms. This is one limitation for not using seeded GSP process.

2. Cost of Living (COLA) compensation to an employee can ONLY be given using compensation workbench and not through GSP process. Even though we may choose to go with GSP process for Scheduled Salary changes and Compensation work bench for cost of living changes, users don’t prefer to run/maintain two different processes. Hence one custom process was developed to processes schedule changes and COLA updates. This is another reason to go for a custom process.

3. One last important reason for us to go for a custom process instead of the seeded GSP process is the client’s request for an additional feature ‘Re-Grades’. This feature is not available within GSP process. I have given an example below to show what a re-grade means.

What is a Re-Grade:
Employee Sam is associated with a job code ABC and the valid grade for this job is N1. His employee assignment screen will display as Grade N1 and assume he is in Grade step-5 with salary $1500.

Now, when we end-date the valid grade for this job ABC and create another valid grade N2 for the same job in the job screen effective today, the requirement is to update employee Sam’s assignment screen to new grade N2. Also, his old grade step placement must be end-dated and the process must move him to the appropriate step in the new Grade N2.
The N2 grade can have the same salary $1500 at Step-7. Hence Sam’s grade step placement effective today should be Step-7.

Is there a seeded functionality to handle the above scenario in HRMS? If so, can this be done within the same GSP process? I am calling this as a “Re-Grade” as the employee grade needs to be updated.