Hello all

I have been asked by the Admin to let you all know that over the next couple of days, there is going to be some behind the scenes work on restructuring the existing forums and categories.

This work is long-overdue.
We will be consolidating a number of the existing EBS forums under a more generalised category setting, in order to allow for the creation of category and forums specific for HCM Cloud topics.

Where at all possible, forums being merged will have all of the topics and posts merged, so we should see little in the way of lost/orphaned posting.

The whole board is based on generated pages, some of which are regenerated on periodic basis (based on cron jobs), so there is possibility that you may end up receiving the odd error or two when clicking links - this will be due to content not being recompiled to the latest versions.
Most of this work should be completed by 2nd March 2018.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this causes.


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