Hello all
The General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR) comes into effect across the EU this May. Since this site is hosted within the EU it will apply to us.

Part of these changes will be to provide you (dear user) more control over how your data is used, and how you are contacted.
As a direct impact of these changes, we at HCMACES will need to make some changes. One of them will be an update to our privacy notice, to ensure it complies with the GDPR legislation. Part will also involve validating the data we hold, to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate.
This last part is quite important, as we ourselves hold very little in the way of personal data on individual users of this forum. But the one key item we hold, and use, is your email address, as this is inherently tied to your user account. And without a valid user account, you cannot use this service.

So, in the next month or so (and before GDPR goes live), we will be conducting a long-overdue revalidation of the userbase for HCMACES.
This will entail auto generating a user-account verification email, sent to all registered users of this site. All bounce-back emails will result in the user account being purged from the system - with any associated posts being attributed to Anonymous.
We will also invalidate session cookies and update the privacy notice and terms of service
This will mean that when you next come to use the service you, the user, will have to acknowledge this when you log back in.

We will try to post up the revised draft privacy notice in advance of the user revalidation.

Thank you for your attention.

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