I appreciate, having read the earlier post, that this site may not be active any more, but I thought what the heck.

An action about two years ago, means that about 11 different Payrolls, have now been brought under the umbrella of a twelfth. Each is still vaguely autonymous in terms of HR Orgs and the Positions and they are keeping their individual Payrolls.

But because of this, the 12 different Payrolls now allow much more inter Payroll transfer than before, and this is causing us issues with P45 Processes and RTI reporting on people who move mid month (Since if we're not very, very careful and time things to perfection, the person is regarded as having two jobs at the same time, and Payroll being what it is, perfection is rarely an option)

So, before shifting everyone on to a Single Payroll, which would be a massive reimplementation, the plan is to bring all our Payrolls, still intact, under the same Tax Refernce by changing them all to the umbrella company Tax Reference from the start of next tax year, which should remove the need for a P45.

But the question lingers; Is it the changing of the Tax Reference which actually triggers the P45 process, or is it the changing of the Payroll?

If it’s the former, then that would be useful as it would prevent the system generating a P45 when the move happens and saving on RTI reporting issues.

If it’s the latter, we might still have a problem with the system generating a P45 and reporting them as a nominal leaver in RTI because the Payroll has changed, regardless of whether it is a new Tax Reference or not.

I have to imagine we’d still need a -2 assignment for people moving between Payrolls, otherwise we might get into issues with the different Payroll runs interlocking.

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of approach?

Any info/recommendations/exhortations or outright warnings gratefully received, thank you! :)