From the J&J archives dated 5/11/2003: . .Here's a wee tip (as the Chihuahua said to the St Bernard) for recovering some of that lovely disk space from your C drive. . .If you've ever double-clicked on a zip file from the internet (as opposed to right-clicking and doing a 'save target as...') you may be aware that it saves a copy of that zip file to C:"Program Files"Winzip"download . .You may *not* be aware that it doesn't actually clear it down after you're done looking at it! We have this very afternoon recovered about 300MB of space simply by clearing the contents of that directory! There were files on there going back to June 2002 the largest was a whopping 26MB (Yes don't ask why but I downloaded "Baz's NHS bar bill".zip from ITE) . .This has been.... another........ .Janet & John Public Service Announcement! . .L+K .J+J