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Wrapper script -issues when calling 'RTI - Full Pa

Posted By: pxlewis

Wrapper script -issues when calling 'RTI - Full Pa - 20/06/18 02:45 PM

Our developer here, has had to look at re-writing his wrapper script to call the RTI FPS process for the new XML version of 'RTI - Full Payment Submission Process (FPS) 2018/2019'. This used to spawn seperate runs against each payroll. But with new parameters for the concurrent program not able to get this to work as has done before. So getting java errors as below

Anyone else come across this - assume other clients will have previously looked to use wrapper
scripts potentially for this need...

Raised with Oracle with the wrapper script call and error stack but no response currently


Payroll: Version : 12.1

Copyright (c) 1998, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

GBIREXE: GB IRMark Generator

Current system time is 03-MAY-2018 10:59:40


Entering generateIRMark
inside while nvtARCHIVE_REQUEST_ID
value 51
requestId 51
aftre while


Peter L.
Posted By: sheebs

Re: Wrapper script -issues when calling 'RTI - Full Pa - 04/07/18 10:13 AM

Is the wrap around script used to view the concurrent output in the screen rather than in Database directory?
Posted By: Jay Kavia

Re: Wrapper script -issues when calling 'RTI - Full Pa - 04/07/18 10:33 AM

Hi Peter,
We don't have a wrapper script for this particular concurrent program, but we do for about 20 others and it's worked without fail (we use an AUL to group payrolls into blocks of 30 or so), so not sure what is different with this particular one but I'd be interested in the outcome.
Anytime we've previously had an issue it's been due to a parameter mismatch for what is actually sent to the concurrent program.
Regards, Jay
Posted By: pxlewis

Re: Wrapper script -issues when calling 'RTI - Full Pa - 24/07/18 10:19 AM

Hi Jay,
For reference this did end up going to Oracle Support/Development and issue was found to be a 'hidden' parameter that hadn't been defined in the wrapper program and caused the error when not being set...



"The issue occurs because MAGFILE_GENERATE_IN_FS parameter is null.

Parameter details:
Magfile Generate in FS
'FSD', 'Y', 'SD', 'N' )FROM sys.dual

Problem -
MAGFILE_GENERATE_IN_FS should be 'Y'. Currently, this parameter is not defined while submiting the concurrent program request, thus, it is coming as null in the backend.
Solution - Add another argument with 'MAGFILE_GENERATE_IN_FS=Y' "
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